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About BusinessOne Technologies

Business Intelligence for Life Science Companies

Today's competitive healthcare market demands increasing reliance on data-driven business decisions. While the emphasis is on the need for timely, accurate data that can be integrated with the customer's own or other vendor data, to be truly actionable, the information must work together. BusinessOne Technologies' Maestro was specifically designed to orchestrate the integration of disparate data sets. Its modular architecture provides a platform where data works in harmony for you.

The BusinessOne Technologies Difference

Since its founding in 2001, BusinessOne Technologies (BOT) has been committed to developing products and services that meet the unique needs of managed care and specialty sales forces and brand teams. As a strategic partner to our customers, we help them achieve their business goals and overcome technical challenges.

Payer Backbone/Hierarchy

Data captured at the most granular level – lives, benefit design, and formulary information at the plan product level — eliminates duplication of lives and offers greater analytical flexibility and capability.

  • All inter-relational data elements are uniquely constructed to provide reliably consistent views and analytics.
  • Key, up-to-date, plan-to-plan and plan-to-PBM relationships are accurately maintained across and between organizations.
  • BOT's Payer Backbone supports multidimensional views of a payer's relationship(s) to various business types, affiliates, support companies, formularies, coverage policies and key customers.

Medical Policy Call-Outs/Data Robustness

While most vendors report only the documentation available on the Web — a process capturing approximately 30%-40% of lives and medical policy data elements — BOT calls plans for documentation wherever needed. Our attention to detail ensures robust information for > 90% of lives.

Account Management Model

BOT's dedicated Account Directors and Account Managers supply an average monthly on-site presence of 5-7 days to each client. Frequent interactions promote greater ability to align your efforts and maximize the value of the data and analytics we deliver.

Maestro's Modular Design

Each Maestro module targets a specific functional business area, allowing clients to select solutions that address their unique market objectives, while BOT's Payer Backbone and business rules exist across all modules, setting the standard for data consistency.