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Unlock Market Access

See access restrictions for your drugs and your competitors’ drugs. Gain insights. Target entities. Devise strategies. Improve performance.

Our data is the core of our Intelligence Solutions, helping our clients break through barriers to access across channels, payers, physicians, products and therapeutic markets. Our dedicated staff conduct detailed research to ensure our data is accurate, reliable and current.

We conduct ongoing interviews and surveys with payers, collect and include on-line and plan-provided information. Our data continually grows and currently covers nearly 293 million lives distributed across the United States, including detailed industry-leading coverage policy information for more than 98 percent of covered lives in the nation.

We collect managed markets access data down to the plan-product level — the most granular data in the industry.

Our managed markets access data includes:

  • Commercial and Government Plan Profiles
  • Formulary Data
  • Benefit Designs
  • Medical Coverage Policies
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • Specialty Pharmacy Providers
  • Employers

We believe in the power of data.

Our data is distinct:

  • Breadth
    Covers more than 98% of lives
  • Granularity
    Detailed formulary, benefit design and coverage policy for nearly 293 million lives
  • Beyond Formulary
    Detailed coverage policy and formulary information for retail and specialty
  • Integration – 360-Degree View
    All data through a single view of access and reimbursement
  • Historical Data
    Trend information over several years for planning, contracting and forecasting

BusinessOne Data Coverage

BusinessOne Managed Lives
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